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Komi Industrial Inkjet Co., Ltd. is the main business partner of the Konica Minolta Inc., the business coverage is to promote inkjet component products and develop the inkjet products with system integrator and printer manufacturers in the Greater China Region.


Inkjet technology becomes more and popular in the industrial manufacturing in terms of many manufacturers stated that digital printing is one of the essential elements for the Industry 4.0.


Based on the long term relationship in between Komi and Konica Minolta Inkjet Division, Komi is experienced in different kinds of inkjet application in various industry sectors.  Komi had well established the business network together with the electronics companies for the printhead control systems; color management software companies, various type of ink manufacturer etc. Komi is able and ready to providethe total inkjet solution to the industrial customer’s need.


By using inkjet technology, with the nature of production on demand, harmful emissions can be reduced as well as theproduction of waste.Komi Industrial Inkjet Co., Ltd. is welcome to all the industrial customers quires and cooperation in order to create a green and sustainable community to mankind and future generation.The aim of the company is to offer inkjet technology to different kinds of industry which currently using the conventional analogue way of printing.